British Fireworks Championships 2017
British Fireworks Championships 2017.!
August 5, 2017
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London_Fireworks_2018_Web Banner

London & Greater London   Fireworks are back! 3rd November 2018 (CELEBRATION OF CULTURE)

London & Greater London Fireworks Display, Saturday 3rd November 2018 from 12 – 4pm FREE after is charged, Byron Park London    (celebration of Culture)

London & Greater London  Fireworks produced by London    Events are back for our annual display at Byron Park London    Saturday 3th November 2018! Due to the great success of previous years, and last year being sold out, we are happy to announce this year will be bigger and better than any before, with our theme being POP MUSIC (cue the POP music!).

Tickets available at www.londonfireworksdisplay.co.uk for up to 40% OFF RRP.  Get your London & Greater London Fireworks display tickets ASPA to bag a great deal, save on queue time and guarantee entry for 2018. Tickets prices verify in the pride the closer you get to the event.  Also, don’t forget about London   Fireworks Display VIP Tickets.

Diwali and Guy Fawkes Nightfall within days of each other in 2018. This year’s Fireworks Display will celebrate both Diwali and Guy Fawkes Night in one big event celebrating the Festival of light and the failed attempt to blow up the houses of parliament 411 years ago.  We will honour the Hindu festival with segments of dancing and entertainment, FOOD, Shopping stands, sponsors and colour, also a segment of our fireworks display will be dedicated to the festival of light with the fireworks in time to popular Hindu music.  For the people celebrating Guy Fawkes Night,  we will be having our FULL-SIZE BAR MARQUEE, food from around the world including, Fish and chips, Jacket potatoes, carvery, burgers, hog roast, Mexican, Indian food and more. Also to feature is our full-size FUN FAIR, shopping zone and DJ. This year’s fireworks display will be a pyro-musical in time to POP/ themed music.

Event Gates will be open from 12 pm, and WE ARE FREE TILL 4 pm, then paid after.  Our Fireworks display will kick off at approximately 7.45pm, our Fireworks spectacular is themed to a POP MUSIC soundtrack making it a Pyro- musical display ! If you want to ensure a good viewing spot and joining us for the daytime entertainment, we recommend arriving very early. You can expect long queues from 6.30pm, so if you are travelling with small children and do not want to wait, we strongly advise arriving with plenty of time to spare.

As the largest fireworks display event in the area and for miles around, the local residents can expect an entire day of fun and entertainment, with plenty to see and do the whole day! We have a truly spectacular show prepared for you all! From our local produce stalls and market street businesses to our full-size fun fair. Are pre-fire and fire spinning show will kick off at approximately 7.30pm all building up to our Fireworks spectacular themed to a POP MUSIC soundtrack straight after!

You can expect the London    fireworks display event to last for a full 20 minutes, and as our theme, this year is POP MUSIC, you can look forward to some fantastic and intriguing surprises along the way! London    Fireworks produced by London    Events is not just a fireworks display, we pride ourselves on giving families and our community a truly individual and unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Guy Fawkes night in November in the UK is the notorious gunpowder plot in 1605, however, there are many other reasons to use fireworks in the UK like Diwali festival of light, London    Fireworks display also celebrates this with many Indian Mela and Indian shopping type stands for you to browse. We also have an eclectic mix on Indian style FOOD stands. We also use Fireworks to celebrate any special occasion or just because we can. Besides all the cultural stands and business from around the world you will find the traditional art and craft and face painting stands plus we have many of your favourite food and dining units including Burgers, Jackets potatoes, Fish & Chips and  Hog Roast.

Don’t forget about London    Fireworks Display VIP Tickets. We have put together a rather special package that gives you more bang for your buck when you come to the London    Fireworks Display. This pack contains your whole night fun and entrainment it’s all you will need all night long. It’s called our V.I.P Experience and this year it full of extras. With this, you get a taste of the high life as we offer you your entire night’s entertainment in one easy package.

Included in this V.I.P Experience is
1. Fast track entry TO THE EVENT. No waiting in line.
2. Access to the V.I.P area and the front rows viewing area.
3. A main meal dish and side from our food outlet
4. 1 Funfair ride token for any ride.
5. A glowing novelty on entry
6. Up to 50% off next year’s ticket

London    is an extremely diverse area, with people from many walks of life coming together to make our area a great place to live. We at London    Fireworks display and event are very supportive of this view and of our whole community. We want to bring everyone together to witness the beauty of our displays. So if you are celebrating Guy Fawkes, Diwali, a birthday, or just want to see the sky light up in an array of beautiful colour, come down and see exactly why we are the best at what we do.

Byron Park,

London   ,


We are looking forward to seeing you there and hope you enjoy the show!


Many Thanks!



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